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Newborn Photography Portfolio

Babies grow so fast. They change every single day. And this is why I feel so strongly about preserving these special and precious memories for a lifetime. I always recommend doing your newborn session between 4 and 14 days of life. Babies are so sleepy and curly and cuddly during this time which makes it ideal for getting babies into those beautiful sleepy poses. But even if you are unable to do it right away, capturing baby as soon as you can will be something that you can’t redo. My newborn sessions are very relaxing and calm. I want parents to feel as though they can come in, have a nice quiet morning and watch their most precious bundle of joy photographed in such an adorable way. I take care of everything. I have top quality props, bowls and buckets to pose baby in, a wide variety of wraps in an endless amount of colours. I have newborn outfits that are perfect for these precious little bundles to wear, and a wide variety of accessories, hats and more to match and create beautiful pieces of art. 

Most importantly, is safety. I have spent a long time learning and training to perfect my skill in a way that is completely safe and comfortable for baby. Baby is completely supported during the entire session. All materials are washed after every single session with baby friendly soap and my studio is washed and cleaned regularily with natural and baby friendly products. I do recommend booking your newborn session quite early (often after your 20 week appointment) as I do take a limited number per month just to ensure that I can fit everyone in my schedule since their arrival is a bit of a guessing game. ). Giving birth to your child is such an important part of your life, it will really change you more than you will ever imagine, whether it is your first or your eighth (or any other number for that matter). Booking your newborn session will ensure you can look back on this ever so changing time in your life and remember forever how truly small and beautiful they were.