FAMILY Photography Portfolio

As a mom myself, I know the importance of family. Families start as a couple and for many it involves growing our families with children. We go through many things in life and seem to get busier and busier all the time as our families grow. But I can’t stress how important I think my job is, of capturing all these moments through time, through all the different stages of childhood, the addition of new siblings and really the most loving relationships that are built. I want to capture a wide variety of images to really portray who you are as a family so that you can place them around your home or send them to distant relatives and remember this time in your life. 

We all know that our children will get silly during a session but warming up and being themselves is just part of the process. And as we get older and our memories are full, tangible pictures to look back on are absolutely priceless. And when you think back to a time when a family member has passed on, the first thing we go for, are our photographs of them which help us keep their memory alive. And so often, usually the parents are behind the camera so it is so important to bring yourself out in front to capture you and your children together. Investing in your families memories is soo important.