Babies & Children Photography Portfolio

Before I switched careers and became a professional photographer, I worked as an early childhood educator in a variety of different settings. I received my diploma in 2000 and have worked nearly 20 years in the field in licensed daycare settings, as a nanny, and for the last several years I ran a full time home daycare. I still even run a few weeks of summer camp every summer so that all my past families can come back and we can have a blast together creating, exploring and adventuring. And I truly believe that this has affected my photography in a HUGE way.

I understand children of all ages and abilities. I kinda of “get them” if that make sense. Children have always been able to very easily open up and be themselves with me, in a very short time. I know when to give space, when to get silly, when to just be absolutely crazy and also just to really talk with them and let them feel at ease with me. And one of the most important things, is to really be at  their level whether it be what we are talking about or how I photograph the children at their level. Photographing babies and children really is my favourite type of session. I love creating, trying to plan and when needed, changing that plan easily as my sessions are always children led.